Chef Larry

Larry Roby is an experienced private chef who travels with a smoker and a whole lot of skills in the kitchen. He is the Rent-A-Chef in Garrett County and serves everything from BBQ to 5-star meals in any setting; your home, back yard or by the lake.


Larry Lee Roby


Chef Larry started cooking as a child with his Grandma, in her “summer kitchen”.

His first paid job was a fast food “burger wrapper”, before fast food was in fashion. Over the next 25 years, he developed his skills in restaurants from Dallas, TX to Deep Creek Lake, MD, where he started a wood-fired BBQ business, Hog Heaven. The meats were so flavorful, from the wood fire and Larry's signature baste, it really didn't need a sauce, but he knew we all like a little something saucy with our BBQ. So he perfected a specialty BBQ Dipping Sauce that enhanced pork, beef, AND chicken, and offered it on the side -- not cooked onto the meat. To satisfy a broad range of taste buds, the sauce had a little Southern tang, with just enough sweetness, not too much heat and was enhanced by just a subtle smoky flavor. It was also engineered to be “thick”, so it would stick when customers "dipped, dredged & doused" with it.

Chef Larry went on to launch Rent-A-Chef, a private chef business that offered not only gourmet sit-down service in private homes, but wood-fired BBQ in private backyards, and lakeside. His Rent-A-Chef clients have been asking for 20+ years, "Where can I buy that sauce?". Finally, everyone can have Chef Larry Lee’s Too Thick To Squeeze in their refrigerator, anytime. Chef Larry says, “Life Is Too Short For Bad Food, or Thin Sauce”.

New sauces & seasonings coming soon…  Want a heads-up on those?


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