We're launching a brand new product! Too Thick To Squeeze is a non-traditional BBQ sauce for dipping, not basting, for pork, beef and chicken and anything worth dipping.


Get to know The Sauce

I created this robust and tasty BBQ sauce to enhance the natural flavors of meats created during cooking… after the cooking is done. Yes, it’s a little different. No matter what style or method of preparation—grilling, roasting, smoking, dry rubs, basting, marinating— the meat will always appreciate this “finishing” approach to BBQ.
— Chef Larry Lee Roby

After 25 years in restaurants from Dallas to Deep Creek, Chef Larry opened a wood-fired BBQ spot called Hog Heaven. Meats were flavorful on their own, but Chef Larry knew that, with BBQ, the sauce can be "the boss". That's when one perfectly balanced BBQ Dipping Sauce was born, but Chef Larry never cooked the sauce onto the meat, he just offered it on the side. Too Thick To Squeeze is the happy union of 15 ingredients blended into a thick, dipp-able "condiment" with flavors like fireworks and a deep, rich brown-red color. The spices work together to please the palate; just a little SWEET, a bit TANGY, kinda SPICY, and subtly SMOKEY. When paired with the unique flavors of meats, something very special happens to the taste buds. And Eureka! You realize that dipping is better and the sauce doesn't burn, because it's not cooked on.

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